DOH: Office of Health Emergency Preparedness Announcement on the Inoperability Communications Drill (IOC)

The New York State Department of Health Office of Health Emergency Preparedness has informed us that Hospitals, Nursing Homes and Assisted Living facilities will not be included in the upcoming Interoperability Communications Drill (IOC) as originally planned.  As you are already completing and submitting to NYSDOH the daily COVID surveys. The Interoperable Communications (IOC) Drills are designed to help Health Emergency Preparedness Coalitions (HEPC) partners ensure that they have redundant forms of communication among their members. The required data will be obtained from the other surveys. 

Here is the list of current participants in the state IOC Drill:

  • Required participants include:
    • Local Health Departments
    • Emergency Managers
    • Emergency Medical Services
  • Voluntary participation is open to:
    • Home Care and Hospice
    • Community Health Centers