NYSDOH Released Word Versions of the Pandemic Emergency Plan (PEP) with the Comprehensive Emergency Preparedness Plan (CEMO) and Toolkit

Jackie Pappalardi in Clinical & Quality

The attached CEMP/PEP files (Accessing PEP Plan Files on HCS; CEMP and PEP Template R8-20-20; and PEP Toolkit Annex K) are now available to access the Word versions in two ways: first, as Word versions of the documents for distribution; secondly, access directly from the homepage by clicking on the links highlighted (reference see the screen shot attached). The CEMP and Toolkit documents will be now be available to edit by the facility to customize the PEP and CEMP for each individual facility plans.

The link addresses are long but can provide documents as well. It is recommended to log into the facility’s Health Commerce System (HCS) account to download documents. 

Link Addresses:

PEP Plan Template – use Annex E --  https://commerce.health.state.ny.us/HCSRestServices/HCSContentServices/docs?docPath=/hcs_Documents/Source/hpn/hpnSrc/AD78EFCD10BDB9A5E0530547A8C06BB8.docx 

Pep Toolkit Resources – use Annex K --  https://commerce.health.state.ny.us/HCSRestServices/HCSContentServices/docs?docPath=/hcs_Documents/Source/hpn/hpnSrc/AD78EFCD10BEB9A5E0530547A8C06BB8.docx


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