AHCA/NCAL Social Media Update – Weeks of August 10 and 17

Jackie Pappalardi and Lisa Volk in Clinical & Quality

Welcome to the AHCA/NCAL Social Media Update. We are currently using this newsletter to activate our social media advocates to share our resources related to COVID-19. Because of the urgent public health nature of this disease, these are resources for all providers, not just AHCA/NCAL members, so we hope you can help us promote them in channels other than direct member communications.

For positive stories related to providers responding to COVID-19 and keeping patients and residents safe, please look for our new Provider Daily Special Edition, which goes out every Tuesday.

If you have an interested colleague or a suggestion for what to share on social media, please have them send an email at socialmedia@ahca.org so they can join in.

Content To Share on Social Media

Congressional Ask

Negotiations have temporarily stalled on a new COVID stimulus bill, but we want to ensure our voice continues to be heard on Capitol Hill. 

Congress still has time to act and ensure nursing homes and assisted living communities have the resources they need to battle #COVID19. These providers need additional assistance to keep seniors safe. https://www.ahcancal.org/News/news_releases/Documents/Stimulus-4-Asks.pdf

Nursing homes and assisted living communities still need funds for testing, PPE, staffing, and more. Extra resources are crucial to ensure both seniors and those who care for them are kept safe during the pandemic. https://www.ahcancal.org/News/news_releases/Documents/Stimulus-4-Asks.pdf

Thing improved this summer, but #COVID19 cases in long term care are ticking back up due to rising cases in the community across the country. Lawmakers cannot risk all the progress these providers have made in protecting seniors by not prioritizing seniors in long term care in a coronavirus relief bill. https://youtu.be/TxbpOHuh4T8

Community Spread

AHCA/NCAL recently released data linking community spread to spread in long term care facilities. We are asking for additional PPE, testing, and community vigilance. 

As states opened up, #COVID19 has spiked in many places across the country, resulting in more casesin long term care facilities. These providers desperately need to be prioritized by government officials at all levels to keep seniors safe. https://www.ahcancal.org/News/news_releases/Pages/DATA-Nursing-Homes-See-Spike-in-New-COVID-Cases-Due-to-Community-Spread.aspx

Long term care providers have made strides in protecting the greatest generation from #COVID19, but increased community spread threatens to erase that progress. These facilities need sufficient PPE and rapid testing to stop the spread of coronavirus. https://www.ahcancal.org/News/news_releases/Pages/DATA-Nursing-Homes-See-Spike-in-New-COVID-Cases-Due-to-Community-Spread.aspx

“We need our public officials to refocus their efforts on long term care facilities.” Spikes in community #COVID19 spread are impacting nursing homes and assisted living communities. Lawmakers need ensure they have what they need to keep the virus at bay.  https://youtu.be/TxbpOHuh4T8

Cost of COVID-Related Care

We encourage members to highlight the costs associated with ongoing efforts to contain and prevent the spread of COVID within buildings. The below messages are suggestions but we encourage you to share your own stories as well. 

“It’s a crisis on top of a crisis” says top public health official from Harvard. Historic underfunding and increased costs of protective measures to keep seniors safe from COVID are straining many long term care facilities. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/nursing-homes-coronavirus-and-funding-woes-155603997.html

This long term care facility decided early on they were going to test every resident and staff member. What they discovered? Testing is effective, but, like most practices related to COVID containment, it’s incredibly expensive. https://wamu.org/story/20/05/28/this-d-c-nursing-home-decided-to-test-every-resident-and-staff-member-heres-what-happened/

Long term care providers are fighting to keep seniors safe from COVID, but it comes at a cost. Historic Medicaid underfunding coupled with the additional cost of ensuring protective measures are taken is resulting in a financial drain on the profession. https://revcycleintelligence.com/news/skilled-nursing-facilities-facing-a-financial-crisis-from-covid-19


We are promoting our advocacy website, SaveOurSeniors, to lawmakers and health care policy staff in Washington to help them understand our issues. 

The nation’s long term care facilities need to be prioritized now more than ever. Tell Congress to #SaveOurSeniors and get these providers the resources they need. https://saveourseniors.org/

Seniors are some of the most vulnerable when it comes to coronavirus complications. Their caregivers need to be treated like the heroes they are for braving the pandemic and keeping them safe. #SaveOurSeniors https://saveourseniors.org/

Nearly 2 million seniors reside in long term care facilities nationwide and they are particularly vulnerable to COVID-19. Tell lawmakers to #SaveOurSeniors and ensure these facilities have what they need to keep seniors safe. https://saveourseniors.org/


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