Last Chance to Register! QAPI: Maximizing the Impact Your Data Can Have on Future Outcomes Webinar

Scott Jackson CMP in Education

Join NYSHFA | NYSCAL for the "QAPI: Maximizing the Impact Your Data Can Have on Future Outcomes" Webinar, being held on Wednesday, July 15th at 10am.

The fifth pillar in the QAPI design, integration of data into your QAPI program, was a component of Requirements of Participation, Phase 3. Effective QAPI Programs and data utilization can lead to improved quality of care, increased customer satisfaction, decrease staff turnover and allow you to better position yourself in the market. This session will demonstrate the value of data collection (i.e., Infection Control/CoVID), present methods of organizing your data, reference numerous data sources, provide guidance on setting improvement priorities and discuss how organizations can achieve sustainable QAPI outcomes.  The presentation will: Discuss an organized approach to QAPI data management and tips for prioritizing improvement opportunities; Review applicable uses of various data sources (i.e., Infection Control/CoVID) and learn how to effectively conduct root cause analysis to positively impact key clinical practice/outcomes; Discuss common quality improvement pitfalls and best practices for overcoming them; Identify ways to use the facility assessment, key outcomes, strategic planning and QAPI to sustain a continuous quality improvement program and better position yourself in the marketplace.

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