Issue: April 9, 2020

Published on April 9, 2020

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In Memoriam – Judith Dicker

Author: Stephen B Hanse* Published in From the President

It is with sadness that we have learned of the passing of Judith Dicker who served as a long-term Member of the New York State Health Facilities Association and was until recently, designated as President of NYSHFA’s District 12 and served on the NYSHFA Board of Directors, as well as, targeted committees. In addition, Judith was a former member of the Public Health Council and a Fellow of the American College of Health Care Administrators and a member of the American Health Care Association as well as, a Board Member of Greater New York Health Care Facilities Association. 

Judith Dicker was a true visionary, who had a life-long passion to serve the infirm and physically challenged populace with dignity, to ensure the quality of care that they require.   Judith Dicker succeeded the old-fashioned way, starting small, working hard, utilizing good business sense and a large dose of tireless determination, accompanied by sincere devotion and the willingness to sacrifice all.  Within a two-year period, Judith Dicker and her former partner, Stanley Dicker built and had overseen two highly regarded nursing homes, Hillside Manor Rehabilitation and Extended Care Center, LLC and Hudson Valley Rehabilitation and Extended Care Center; at one time, simultaneously serving as Administrator of Record and Executive Director.  Judith Dicker was a woman of great capacity who was also a natural leader in the health care industry today, possessing uncommon courage and leadership, far ahead of her time.  

Judith Dicker was currently serving as the Executive Director at Hillside Manor Rehabilitation & Extended Care Center, LLC, and until recent years served as Executive Director for Hillside Manor Long Term Home Health Care Program, Hillside Manor CHHA, Hillside Manor Adult Day Health Care and Hillside SurgiCare Center and Hudson Valley Rehabilitation & Extended Care Center and Hudson Valley Long Term Home Health Care. With boundless energy, determination and unpretentious in demeanor and with steadfast commitment Judith Dicker challenged the future, rolled up her sleeves and expanded the business to encompass a full continuum of health care services to meet the needs of the community.  The goal was to ensure a full continuity of care. 

Judith eagerly served as a dedicated mentor, a formidable task master, for who, under her guidance, inspired legions of health care workers of all suits.  Many of her current and former employees whose lives she had touched have moved on to assume their designated leadership roles within a host of health care facilities today.  All have had a very special fondness for this intense, free spirited educator and most often became lifetime friends.  Judith Dicker’s accomplishments were numerable; she was a natural resource in health care at this critical juncture when quality health care providers are in short supply. 

While others have retired, Judith Dicker remained a daily and constant presence at Hillside Manor, through her dedication and forward thinking, she provided guidance and inspired all to grow and achieve new goals in this changing health care climate.  Judith was an exemplary role model in every sense of the word.  Her legacy is rich and rewarding, having achieved the personal fulfillment that a well accomplished life brings.  

She has inspired her daughters to follow in her path and they are currently active in the management of operations.  Judith Dicker was the proud grandmother of grandsons Marc and Daniel Trupin who eagerly look forward to following in her formidable footsteps. 

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic memorial services will be scheduled for a later date to be announced.

Guidance on Laundering Procedures

Author: Jackie Pappalardi and Lisa Volk* Published in Clinical & Quality

Routine cleaning and disinfection procedures are appropriate and can be used for COVID-19 in healthcare settings, including those patient-care areas in which aerosol-generating procedures are performed. 

The antimicrobial action of the laundering process results from a combination of mechanical, thermal, and chemical factors. Products with EPA-approved emerging viral pathogens claims are recommended for use against COVID-19. Hot water provides an effective means of destroying microorganisms.

Management of laundry, food service utensils, and medical waste should also be performed in accordance with routine procedures. Specifically, for linens, clothing and other items that go in the laundry: do not shake dirty laundry in order to minimize the possibility of dispersing virus through the air; wash items as appropriate in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions; launder items using the warmest appropriate water setting for the items and dry items completely; and dirty laundry that has been in contact with an ill person can be washed with other people’s items. Make sure to clean and disinfect hampers or other carts for transporting laundry according to guidance for hard or soft surfaces. Practicing good hand hygiene is important during all stages of cleaning. 

For more details and reference, please refer to the CDC resources listed here: 

NYSDOH is reaching out to all nursing homes each day to make contact, request information and to show support. Please be sure to designate staff as your facility’s Point of Contact to assist in providing DOH with the most accurate information.

On this morning’s Town Hall meeting. Maureen McCarthy, Celtic Consulting, clarified a portion of CMS’ 1135 waiver related to the MDS. The waiver allows for an extended timeframe to complete and transmit the MDS for each resident. But it doesn’t change the need to open an MDS on each new resident and set the Assessment Reference Dates as required. You need to establish those elements of the MDS process. CMS allows up to 2 years to complete an MDS.


Jackie Pappalardi, RN, BSN
Executive Director
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Lisa Volk, RN, B.P.S., LNHA
Director, Clinical & Quality Services
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Nancy Leveille, RN, MS
Director, Special Projects and Educational Development
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AHCA: COVID-19 Update 35 - Update on Personal Protective Equipment

Author: Jackie Pappalardi and Lisa Volk* Published in Clinical & Quality

In This COVID-19 Update:

Update on Personal Protective Equipment 

Obtaining personal protective equipment (PPE) continues to be a challenge for long term care providers in many parts of the country.  FEMA is now playing a primary national role in determining how PPE is distributed across the country. State and local governments are also playing a role in the supply and distribution of PPE.

There are no quick fixes to the national PPE shortage. One coalition, Project N95, has formed to help link PPE suppliers with health care providers, including long term care, in need. More information on PPE availability, conservation, and what to do when you are running low are available here.

AHCA/NCAL will keep members apprised of any developments with the PPE supply as those details become available.    

COVID-19 Testing Vendors for LTC 

On April 7, AHCA/NCAL provided a summary of the challenges LTC providers are facing in gaining access to COVID-19 testing. AHCA/NCAL has been seeking companies who can provide testing for LTC providers with reasonable turnaround times, and have put together a list of credible vendors here . This list will be continuously updated as more vendors are found. If you know of any vendors that should be added to this list, please contact us at  

No-Interest COVID-19 Financial Support Available 

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) COVID-19 Accelerated Payment Program is a streamlined version of existing policy that allows Medicare Administrative Contractors (MACs) to issue no-interest short term loan payments in certain circumstances, including national emergencies. AHCA members and Independent Operator Council co-chairs Sarah Schumann and Mark Traylor, who submitted requests for and quickly received the accelerated payments, have the following recommendations for their peers: 

“We strongly recommend that SNF operators take full advantage of the CMS COVID-19 Accelerated Payment Program.  It’s a simple 5-10-minute process to complete and submit the application for an interest-free loan to assure adequate cash-flow during these challenging times.  Since it must be paid back later, we suggest setting this advance into a separate reserve account to use as an emergency fund.” 

Providers can learn more details in the AHCA Accelerated and Advanced Payments FAQ document here


Jackie Pappalardi, RN, BSN
Executive Director
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Lisa Volk, RN, B.P.S., LNHA
Director, Clinical & Quality Services
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Audio Conference - April 15: Environmental Services Best Practices and Helpful Tips

Author: Jackie Pappalardi* Published in Clinical & Quality

Environmental Services Best Practices and Helpful Tips
Audio:  April 15, 2020
2:00 pm – 2:30 pm 

In today’s pandemic Environmental Services plays a huge roll in prevention. Please join us on Wednesday, April 15th at 2:00 pm for the Environmental Services Best Practices and Helpful Tips Audio Conference and share best practices for Environmental Services in your programs. Jesse Cash, Regional Director of Operations with Morrison Living, will use his 15+ years of Environmental and Plant Operations to discuss the importance of Environmental services during this pandemic. He has used his expertise to ensure a consistent, high quality outcome from teams he supports in senior living. With a focus metrics-based housekeeping, Jesse’s specialties lie in program implementation, policy and procedure design based on best practices and cutting edge technology. 

If you have any specific questions regarding Environmental Services please email them to so that they can be addressed in the audio. Call in number 1-800-220-9875; Participant Code: 14227658#

Audio Conference-April 23, 2020: Food Safety Overview

Author: * Published in Education

Join NYSHFA/NYSCAL for our upcoming Audio Conference "Food Safety Overview: Principles of Safe Food Handling in the Long-Term Care Setting" on April 23th. Useful information during this Covid-19 Crisis and earn CEUs conveniently! The audio is approved for 2.0 CEUs by NAB for LNHAs & ALAs. In addition to NAB this program has been approved by CBDM for Dietary CEs!

Click here for additional program details and registration options. 

Education from the Convenience of Your Office! Upcoming NYSHFA/NYSCAL Distance Learning

Author: * Published in Education

Join NYSHFA/NYSCAL for one or more of our upcoming Distance Learning Programs. Earn CEUs from the convenience of your office! We will host the following programs each approved for CEUs!

Modifying Therapeutic Activity and Psychosocial Services to Meet the Individual Needs of All Residents
Audio Conference (1.5 CEUS)
Tuesday, May 19, 2020 at 10:00am

Treatment Options for Delusions and Hallucinations Associated with Parkinson’s Disease
Webinar (2.0 CEUS)
Wednesday, June 10, 2020 at 10:00am

Click here
for additional program details and registration options.