In Memoriam – Judith Dicker

Stephen B Hanse in From the President

It is with sadness that we have learned of the passing of Judith Dicker who served as a long-term Member of the New York State Health Facilities Association and was until recently, designated as President of NYSHFA’s District 12 and served on the NYSHFA Board of Directors, as well as, targeted committees. In addition, Judith was a former member of the Public Health Council and a Fellow of the American College of Health Care Administrators and a member of the American Health Care Association as well as, a Board Member of Greater New York Health Care Facilities Association. 

Judith Dicker was a true visionary, who had a life-long passion to serve the infirm and physically challenged populace with dignity, to ensure the quality of care that they require.   Judith Dicker succeeded the old-fashioned way, starting small, working hard, utilizing good business sense and a large dose of tireless determination, accompanied by sincere devotion and the willingness to sacrifice all.  Within a two-year period, Judith Dicker and her former partner, Stanley Dicker built and had overseen two highly regarded nursing homes, Hillside Manor Rehabilitation and Extended Care Center, LLC and Hudson Valley Rehabilitation and Extended Care Center; at one time, simultaneously serving as Administrator of Record and Executive Director.  Judith Dicker was a woman of great capacity who was also a natural leader in the health care industry today, possessing uncommon courage and leadership, far ahead of her time.  

Judith Dicker was currently serving as the Executive Director at Hillside Manor Rehabilitation & Extended Care Center, LLC, and until recent years served as Executive Director for Hillside Manor Long Term Home Health Care Program, Hillside Manor CHHA, Hillside Manor Adult Day Health Care and Hillside SurgiCare Center and Hudson Valley Rehabilitation & Extended Care Center and Hudson Valley Long Term Home Health Care. With boundless energy, determination and unpretentious in demeanor and with steadfast commitment Judith Dicker challenged the future, rolled up her sleeves and expanded the business to encompass a full continuum of health care services to meet the needs of the community.  The goal was to ensure a full continuity of care. 

Judith eagerly served as a dedicated mentor, a formidable task master, for who, under her guidance, inspired legions of health care workers of all suits.  Many of her current and former employees whose lives she had touched have moved on to assume their designated leadership roles within a host of health care facilities today.  All have had a very special fondness for this intense, free spirited educator and most often became lifetime friends.  Judith Dicker’s accomplishments were numerable; she was a natural resource in health care at this critical juncture when quality health care providers are in short supply. 

While others have retired, Judith Dicker remained a daily and constant presence at Hillside Manor, through her dedication and forward thinking, she provided guidance and inspired all to grow and achieve new goals in this changing health care climate.  Judith was an exemplary role model in every sense of the word.  Her legacy is rich and rewarding, having achieved the personal fulfillment that a well accomplished life brings.  

She has inspired her daughters to follow in her path and they are currently active in the management of operations.  Judith Dicker was the proud grandmother of grandsons Marc and Daniel Trupin who eagerly look forward to following in her formidable footsteps. 

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic memorial services will be scheduled for a later date to be announced.