MLTC – FFS Implementation Further Delay

Carl J. Pucci in Finance & Reimbursement

DOH has just notified nursing home associations of a further delay to the planned May 1, 2020 implementation date. Below is the announcement: 

Dear Nursing Home Associations: 

Due to the COVID-19 emergency the Department of Health (Department) was unable to access systems necessary to implement the “batch” disenrollment of long term nursing home stay members from MLTC Partial Plans (MLTCP) on the new date of May 1, 2020. The Department is currently assessing new timeframes for implementing the three month nursing home MLTCP benefit for long term nursing home stay members and will provide you updated information as soon as possible.  

Questions can be emailed to

Thank you for all your work during this time.

Division of Long Term Care
Office of Health Insurance Programs
NYS Department of Health


Carl J. Pucci
Chief Financial Officer