NYS Emergency/Proposed Rule Making for Communicable Diseases Reporting and Control – Adding Severe or Novel Coronavirus

Jackie Pappalardi and Lisa Volk in Clinical & Quality

Section 225 of the Public Health Law (“PHL”) authorizes the Public Health and Health Planning Council (PHHPC), subject to the approval of the Commissioner of Health (Commissioner) to establish and amend State Sanitary Code provisions relating to the designation of communicable diseases which are dangerous to public health, designation of diseases for which specimens shall be submitted for laboratory examination, and the nature of information required to be furnished by physicians in each case of communicable disease. 

On February 1, 2020, the New York State Commissioner of Health determined that 2019-nCoV is communicable, rapidly emergent and a significant threat to the public health, and designated 2019-nCoV as a communicable disease under 10 NYCRR Section 2.1. 

PHL § 225 protects the health and safety of the public with enhanced disease monitoring and authorizing isolation and quarantine, if necessary, to prevent further transmission.  See attached NYS Register/February 26, 2020 (pages 38 – 41) for details on the compliance reporting of instances of severe or novel coronavirus.


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