2019 AHCA/NCAL Annual Reports Now Available

Joanne O'Connor

Every year, AHCA/NCAL sets measurable goals in order meet the needs of our members, address their concerns, and help shape and improve our profession. Everyone works extremely hard throughout the year to ensure the majority, if not all, of our goals are achieved. 

And 2019 was no exception. We continued to grow as an association, remained a powerful policy and political voice in Washington, created and launched a successful PDPM training program, and organized the first annual Population Health Management Summit. We achieved the goals established by our AHCA/NCAL Boards and continued to successfully improve lives by delivering solutions for quality care. 

I encourage you to review the 2019 AHCA and NCAL annual reports and learn more about our achievements over the past year. 

We appreciate everything you do and for the opportunity to represent you. I am excited for what's to come in 2020 and am optimistic that we will continue to do great things for the millions of people we serve. 


Mark Parkinson
AHCA/NCAL President & CEO