DOH Letter from Commissioner of Health - New York State’s (NYS) response to the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) & PPE Supplies

Lisa Volk and Jackie Pappalardi in Clinical & Quality

In close coordination with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the New York State Department of Health (Department) is providing updated information and guidance to facilities on this rapidly evolving situation, as it becomes available. It is important that all hospitals strictly adhere to the latest guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) regarding personal protective equipment (PPE), available here:

Shortages of PPE supplies may occur. The Department asks all facilities to compare their existing inventories of PPE, such as face shields, gowns, gloves, masks, N95 respirators, against the expected rate of use of these items under a surge situation, to determine the quantities needed to be on hand. Facilities or healthcare systems that identify a shortage of PPE, should use existing plans and vendor agreements to procure additional assets, by taking the following steps included in the attached letter

If New York State is unable to fulfill the request, federal resources may be leveraged depending on priority and need.

When making a resource request, the following information should be included: 

  • Requester name and contact information
  • Delivery location and POC contact information
  • Date resources are needed by
  • Vendors entity has reached out to
  • If an order has been placed, when is expected delivery
  • Mission or Capability of resources being requested
  • Make, Model, and quantity of resources being requested
  • Alternative equipment if requested resource is not available
  • Estimated burn rate for requested supplies


Lisa Volk, RN, B.P.S., LNHA
Director, Clinical & Quality Services
518-462-4800 x15

Jackie Pappalardi, RN, BSN
Executive Director
518-462-4800 x16