DOH Issues 7/1/19 Rates

Stephen Hanse and Carl Pucci in Finance & Reimbursement

DOH has issued the 7/1/19 Medicaid rates. These rates include a Case Mix adjustment utilizing all MDS assessment data for the period 8/8/18 through 3/31/19. 

The 7/1/19 rate adjustments will occur in the upcoming Medicaid cycle #2200 (check release date 11/6/19), notwithstanding that CMS has yet to approve New York’s State Plan Amendment for its’ change in Case Mix methodology. Attached is the Department’s DAL. 

NYSHFA, together with several other associations, continues to actively oppose this initiative and we will be sure to keep you appraised of our efforts. Additionally, please contact your local Senator and Assemblyperson and alert them to any negative impacts this change in methodology will impose upon your facility. 


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