CMS Updates PDPM Grouper

Carl Pucci

CMS has revised its PDPM Grouper to correct previous system issues. Below is the AHCA Bulletin:

CMS updated its MDS 3.0 Technical Information webpage a short time ago. Here is the post about the revised DLL:

October 7, 2019

A revision to the PDPM DLL Package (V1.0003 FINAL) was posted, and the previous version (V1.0002 FINAL) was removed.  This version corrects four bugs that were identified after the V1.0002 release. The package contains updated test files and documentation.

Suggested Action Steps

To aid AHCA in assessing PDPM implementation:  

  1. Contact your IT Vendors to determine when they will have a sense of how well the update works;
  2. Contact your MAC (click here for a map) and ask about their preparedness; and
  3. Email AHCA at with any feedback.


Carl J. Pucci
Chief Financial Officer
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