2018 DOH Nursing Home Quality Initiative (NHQI) Results are Released

Nancy Leveille and Carl Pucci in Clinical & Quality, Finance & Reimbursement

DOH has posted the 2018 NHQI data results to its website. We encourage SNFs to review your data and anticipate potential media inquiries. DOH has indicated it would implement the NHQI rate adjustments sometime during Fourth Quarter 2019. DOH also plans on again offsetting the 2018 NHQI adjustment with the 1% restoration payments, similar to last year.

Below is the DOH announcement:

The 2018 Nursing Home Quality Initiative (NHQI) results have been posted to the New York State’s Health Data NY website. Nursing homes can locate the quintile information of a specific measure as well as overall score using this website. This website hosts a variety of downloadable datasets regarding nursing homes. The dataset which provides detailed information on the quintile performance and information is ‘Nursing Home Quality Initiative: Beginning 2012’.


  1. Click on the above link and scroll down, you will see a Table Preview. Click on ‘View Data’ on the right side.
  2. Once you click on View data, you will see ‘Filter’ on the right side
    1. Click on the box next to the Measurement year you are interested in
    2. Under ‘Facility Name’, enter your Facility name and click on the box next to it
    3. Similarly, you can add various filters. If you don’t see the filter you are interested in, scroll all the way down within filter, then click on ‘Add a New Filter Condition’
    4. Keep clicking on ‘Add a New Filter Condition’ until you see the filter you are interested in
    5. Under ‘Measure Full Name’, type the measure you are interested in (If you like to see overall score, then type ‘Overall score’)
  3. As you move the bottom bar to the right, you will see additional columns (First Quintile to Fifth quintile, numeric value etc.,).
  4. The data you are viewing can be downloaded by clicking on the blue export icon on the right. 

2018 Nursing Home Quality Initiative quintile rankings are posted on the Department of Health website. This webpage has the list of nursing facilities in each of the five quintiles, J/K/L information and facilities that are excluded from NHQI. 


On the above link, you will also find top-performing nursing homes. These are the nursing homes that have achieved the top quintile in each Nursing Home Quality Initiative over the last three years. 

This notification will also be shared with the facilities through IHANS shortly. If you have any questions, please email us at NHQP@health.ny.gov.


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