Audio Conference - An Integrated Care Model: The Role of Behavioral Health Services in LTC

Scott Jackson in Education

Join NYSHFA/NYSCAL on April 16th at 10am for An Integrated Care Model: The Role of Behavioral Health Services in LTC Audio Conference. The role of long-term care facilities in addressing resident’s health care needs continues to evolve at a rapid pace. One area where more is being expected involves identifying and responding to residents who are at risk of developing or exhibiting behavioral or emotional needs. The broad term behavioral health covers a wide range of clinical issues including, but not limited to, trauma informed care, dementia care, depression, behavior management, pharmacological management, and optimizing the care of the chronically mentally ill. The evolution in the role of LTC facilities is being driven in part by research, which has established that mental health care is a key component in achieving quality care outcomes. Whether the care is focused on short term rehabilitation, medical compliance, palliative care, or decreasing re-hospitalization rates, the resident’s psychological state and wellbeing will affect every aspect of care. This presentation will focus on a variety of behavioral health issues faced by facilities, address key compliance issues, and describe strategies to optimize behavioral health care.

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