NYS Office of Health Emergency Preparedness Hosting Free Webinars and EP Training

The state Department of Health Office of Health Emergency Preparedness (DOH OHEP) will host two webinars on February 5, from 11:00 am to noon and February 6, from 1 pm to 2 pm – to help adult home and skilled nursing providers prepare for upcoming Emergency Preparedness exercises to be held outsideof New York City. Please click here to view the DOH briefing regarding the exercise.

Registration is available at www.NYLearnsPH.com (after registering, search the course catalog for OHEP-HEPCEX-2019).

The upcoming DOH-led drills, to be held from February to May of this year, include: Coalition Surge Tests (CST), Interoperable Communications (IOC) and Medical Countermeasures (MCM) exercises in the Long Island, Lower Hudson Valley, Capital District, Central New York and Western New York regions. This exercise IS NOT FOR NYC ACFS OR SNFS.

Central DOH staff will notify providers in these regions about the drill and will send notifications to certain staff roles in the Health Commerce System (HCS) Communications Directory.

These roles include: Administrator; HPN Coordinator; Emergency Response. Providers, therefore, you want to ensure that their Communications Directory is updated.

DOH has informed us that the IOC/MCM drills will be held:

Central NY – February 27

Western NY (Buffalo and Finger Lakes) – April 4

Capital District – April 11

Long Island – April 18

Lower Hudson Valley – May 9

The Department has indicated they will share the CST dates with Providers two weeks prior to the exercise.

NYSHFA-NYSCAL encourages all providers who serve residents outside of NYC to participate in one of the two February webinars so that they can learn about being part of the CST/IOC/MCM exercises. Though such providers are not required to participate, such involvement can be used to meet one of their federal and/or state emergency preparedness requirements.

For more information, contact DOH at (518) 474-2893 or prepedap@health.ny.gov