AHCA’s Resource Guide: Key Strategies to Retain New Hires and Reduce Employee Turnover

Lisa Volk in Clinical & Quality

AHCA has released workforce tools to assist with workforce person-centered leadership which provides a strong basis for improving staff stability, employee satisfaction, and enhancing quality. Research has demonstrated that staff will stay in organizations where they are valued and have strong relationships with their supervisors. Person-centered leadership focuses on engaging others and listening to what is important to them. Strategies used to reduce employee turnover must incorporate a person-centered approach starting before hire at the interview, through the new hire probationary periods, and continued throughout employment. 

This resource guide will identify key person-centered strategies to reduce employee turnover. The guide is intended to support and provide tools to long term care providers to help them successfully interview, hire, monitor/evaluate/mentor, and retain staff. The guide focuses on four main strategies: 

  1. Interviewing New Candidates - Employee Participation
  2. Behavioral Based Interview Questions
  3. Performing 30 – 60 – 90 Day Reviews
  4. Walkabouts/Rounding on Direct Reports 

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