Turnover: Why It Matters?

in Clinical & Quality

Is your facility’s turnover rate high? Do you know what your turnover rate is? Turnover can impact three major areas of operations such as financial consequences related to turnover costs, staff morale which could lead to staff discontentment with the possibility of more staff leaving and last quality of care which is related to the continuity of care for the residents. To understand your facility’s turnover, you must understand how much and why? Measuring turnover is very important to monitor and each facility should look at their turnover rates by quarter. Comparisons can be made from quarter to quarter and year to year. These rates should include CNA, LPN and RN staff.

How do you calculate turnover rates? 

Number of CNA’s who left during the quarter

------------------------ X 100 = Turnover Rate

Average number of CNA’s on payroll for quarter 

You may also use the AHCA turnover calculator tool:

https://www.ahcancal.org/facility_operations/workforce/Documents/Cost of Turnover Calculator 2012.xls

Once you have these rates it’s useful to look at why, is it related to the on boarding process and training of new employees? Is there dissatisfaction with changes in your facility or competition from other employers? Do you need to look at job redesign, wage improvements or career ladders? The more you know about your facility’s turnover the better you can target your efforts to fight it. One of the best ways to study your turnover is by utilizing an exit interview. This will be the next area we explore in our series.


Lisa Volk, RN, MS
Director, Clinical & Quality Services
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