Paid Feeding Assistant Program and Ancillary Service Assistant Template

Lisa Volk

The use of new roles and care delivery models to help to supplement the nursing staff can be implemented within your facility. We have been discussing a couple programs in different forums recently and have been requested to send out two of them to help members. They are the Paid Feeding Assistant Program & the Ancillary Service Assistant to help complement the nursing staff. Both programs will be discussed at the Town Hall meeting on this Thursday 9/20/18 from 11 am -12 noon. These programs may be new to some facilities and others may have these programs in place.

Remember ancillary services consist of individuals who:

• Provide direct, task-specific, time-limited care to residents.

• Support the services that facilitate care of residents.

• May or may not be located where the residents receive their routine care (depending on the size of the nursing home).   

Paid Feeding Assistance Program:

Nursing homes may elect to use non-licensed health care professional nursing home employees as feeding assistants, including administrative, clerical, recreational activity and housekeeping staff.  The home may also elect to employ part-time employees to work exclusively as feeding assistants.  The nursing home must determine if the required feeding assistant training will be provided in-house by the facility or if the facility will only be utilizing previously training paid feeding assistants as permitted.  

Nursing homes may not assign a feeding assistant to perform any additional hands-on tasks or services to or for residents.  All feeding assistants work under the supervision of a registered nurse or licensed practical nurse and can only feed or assist residents who do not have complicated feeding problems.  Feeding assistants will be restricted to providing eating and hydration assistance only in congregate dining rooms (areas) of the nursing home [415.13(d)(4).   See links below to the DAL and PFA program.

Create an ancillary service position to assist the nursing staff:

This employee would be responsible for assisting with resident care support services, feeding assistance, and resident transport.  This employee must be able to read facility documentation including but not limited to, meal cards, resident ID bracelets or bands, input sheets, feeding/hydration assignments, etc. As a member of the facility staff, the Unit Assistant must be able to understand directions provided verbally and in writing from supervisors. When providing feeding assistance to a resident it is critical that this employee converse with each resident.

See attached template job description


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