Issue: March 1, 2018

Published on March 1, 2018

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AHCA’s Infection Preventionist Specialized Training Program

Author: Nancy Leveille and Lisa Volk* Published in Clinical & Quality

The most frequently cited F-Tag in standard nursing facility health inspection surveys under the new survey process is F880 – Infection Prevention & Control. Since November 2017 when the new survey process began, more than one-third of surveys conducted across the nation have included a F880 Infection Prevention & Control citation. 

NYSHFA is writing to remind you about an important educational tool that is specifically designed to support infection prevention and control programs.  AHCA’s Infection Preventionist Specialized Training (IPCO) program is specially designed to prepare individuals to effectively implement and manage an Infection Prevention & Control program in skilled nursing centers.

AHCA’s course is an online, self-study program with 23 hours of training that meets the educational requirements outlined by CMS. It includes online lectures, case studies and interactive components taught by subject matter experts who have real life experience working in long term/post-acute care. The AHCA program gets rave reviews with 97 percent of health care professionals who have completed the course recommending IPCO to their colleagues.

The course addresses both clinical and organizational systems, processes and cultural aspects of infection prevention and control that are fundamental to effectively leading and administering successful infection prevention and control programs and antibiotic stewardship programs. Upon successful completion of this program, participants will receive certificates including 23 ANCC contact hours.

The training course registration fee is $450 for NYSHFA members. There are no refunds and no transfers. Payment and registration must be made online in ahcancalED . Group discounts are available for purchases of 25 or more IPCO registrations. The IPCO course can be accessed here or at:

To access ahcancalED and the IPCO course, members will need to login with their AHCA/NCAL usernames and passwords. For assistance obtaining AHCA/NCAL usernames and passwords, please e-mail with your name and facility contact information.

Avoid the F880 tag. Prepare your center and staff now for success in infection prevention and control under the new survey process. We encourage you to register for IPCO! 


Nancy Leveille, RN, MS
Executive Director
518-462-4800 x20

Lisa Volk, RN, B.P.S., LNHA
Director, Clinical & Quality Services
518-462-4800 x15

NYSHFA/NYSCAL 2018 Scholarship Program

Author: * Published in Membership

Attached is the NYSHFA/NYSCAL 2018 Scholarship Application Packet. NYSHFA sponsors this Scholarship program to provide financial help to the career-minded who are working in health care facilities that are members of NYSHFA.  

Each District winner receives a $750 Scholarship and educational programs must be strictly related to the applicant’s health care career. Applicants should give the application to their administrator who, in turn, sends the material to the area's NYSHFA/NYSCAL District President.  Each District sets its own timeline for awarding scholarships.  However, NYSHFA/NYSCAL must be notified in writing of your award recipient(s) no later than May 31, 2018. Note that this deadline is earlier than in past years.

If you have any questions about the scholarship program, please contact Joanne O’Connor at NYSHFA/NYSCAL at 518-462-4800 ext. 23 or

NYSHFA Contacts
Rick Patterson
Senior Director, Business Development
518-462-4800 ext. 19

Joanne O'Connor
Communications & Business Development Coordinator
518-462-4800 ext. 23

NYCACHCA 2018 Annual Conference


The 2018 NYCACHCA Annual Conference is being held March 11-14th at Villa Roma Resort in Callicoon, NY. With programs for Administrators, CFOs and Clinicians, this 4-day conference has something for everyone! Click here for additional details and registration information.

15th Annual Social Service & Activities Conference


Join NYSHFA/NYSCAL for the 15th Annual Social Service & Activities Conference. The conference is being held March 22-23rd at the Saratoga Holiday Inn. The program is approved for 10 contact hours for Social Workers and Activity Directors. This year's Hot topics include: Behavioral Health; eMOLST; Communication; Holistic Wellness and many more.  Click here for additional details and registration options. 

Audio Conference - An Integrated Care Model: The Role of Behavioral Health Services in LTC


On Thursday March 22nd, NYSHFA/NYSCAL will host an audio confernece entitled "An Integrated Care Model: The Role of Behavioral Health Services in LTC". The role of long term care facilities in addressing resident’s health care needs continues to evolve at a rapid pace. One area where more is being expected involves identifying and responding to residents who are at risk of developing, or exhibiting behavioral or emotional needs. The broad term behavioral health covers a wide range of clinical issues including, but not limited to, trauma informed care, dementia care, depression, behavior management, pharmacological management, and optimizing the care of the chronically mentally ill. The evolution in the role of LTC facilities is being driven in part by research, which has established that mental health care is a key component in achieving quality care outcomes. Whether the care is focused on short term rehabilitation, medical compliance, palliative care, or decreasing re-hospitalization rates, the resident’s psychological state and wellbeing will affect every aspect of care. This presentation will focus on a variety of behavioral health issues faced by facilities, address key compliance issues, and describe strategies to optimize behavioral health care.

Click here for additional details. 

Audio Conference - Discharge to Community: Safe Transitions to Reduce Hospitalizations


On Thursday, March 29th, NYSHFA/NYSCAL will host an audio conference entitled "Discharge to Community: Safe Transitions to Reduce Hospitalizations". Discharge to community claims-based quality measure creates a challenge to the status quo to change the current process to resident centered planning from the day of admission to the skilled nursing facility and more importantly the discharge planning process. Discharge planning is an interdisciplinary team approach to not only transitioning to the next level of care, but to the next level of care with a solid discharge plan to reduce hospitalizations and emergency department utilization. Understanding what led up to the person’s hospitalization and including this in the discharge planning is an important element in safe transitioning to the appropriate level of care. This program explores various evaluations, and ideas to understanding barriers for transitions as well as community resources and alternate resources for care levels such as Assisted Living available to transition safely. Click here for more details. 


Audio Conference: ROP - 483.45: Pharmacy Services, Medication Reconciliation


On Wednesday, April 18th, NYSHFA/NYSCAL will present an Audio Conference entitled, "ROP for Pharmacy Services 483.45: Pharmacy Services, Medication Reconciliation, and Creating a System for Preventing and Reducing Adverse Drug Events". 

This presentation will review the CMS Requirements of Participation for Pharmacy Services, discuss the impact of medication related adverse events in long term care, and provide suggestions for medication management system changes to prevent and reduce adverse drug events with a focus on medication reconciliation and high risk medications such as anticoagulants, opioids, and diabetes agents. 

Click here for more details. 

Audio Conference - Cyber Security & CMS Nursing Home Recommendations


On Wednesday, April 25th NYSHFA/NYSCAL will host an audio conference entitled "Cyber Security & CMS Nursing Home Recommendations". On January 13, 2017 the Survey & Certification Group released recommendations to providers regarding cyber security. A review of cyber security policies and procedures is recommended by the agency as part of the “All Hazards Approach to Emergency Preparedness”. In this session we will detail best practices to help keep your facilities safe from cybercrime incidents. We will be taking a deep dive into topics such as: Disruptions to patient care, including missing information, potential compromise of Protected Health Information & Personally Identifiable Information  and loss of electronic health records. Click here for more details. 


One Day Educational Session - Life Safety & Employment Laws (Nurse Leadership Pre-Con)

Author: Scott Jackson

On Wednesday, May 2nd NYSHFA/NYSCAL will host an pre-conference to the Nurse Leadership Conference with sessions entitled "Life Safety & Emergency Management...the Hot Topics Affecting LTC" & "What You Don't Know Can Hurt You. Are You Up to Date on Employment Laws?". Click here for additional details. 


16th Annual Nurse Leadership Conference

Author: Scott Jackson

Join NYSHFA/NYSCAL for the 16th Annual Nurse Leadership Conference. The conference is being held May 3-4th at the Turning Stone Resort & Casino.  This year's Hot topics include: Leadership, Survey Process, CMS ROP & QAPI, Mental Health Issues, the Opioid Crisis and many more.  Click here for additional details and registration options. 

Audio Conference - DOH Update on the New Survey Process


On Thursday, May 3rd NYSHFA/NYSCAL will host an audio conference entitled "DOH Update on the New Survey Process". DOH will present the latest update on the CMS’ Requirements of Participation’s (ROP) Standard Survey process. This new survey process began on November 28, 2017 as part of the ROP Phase II implementation. Participants will hear the latest trends DOH is identifying through the new process & issues to be addressed. Click here for addtional details.