Audio Conference - Discharge to Community: Safe Transitions to Reduce Hospitalizations

On Thursday, March 29th, NYSHFA/NYSCAL will host an audio conference entitled "Discharge to Community: Safe Transitions to Reduce Hospitalizations". Discharge to community claims-based quality measure creates a challenge to the status quo to change the current process to resident centered planning from the day of admission to the skilled nursing facility and more importantly the discharge planning process. Discharge planning is an interdisciplinary team approach to not only transitioning to the next level of care, but to the next level of care with a solid discharge plan to reduce hospitalizations and emergency department utilization. Understanding what led up to the person’s hospitalization and including this in the discharge planning is an important element in safe transitioning to the appropriate level of care. This program explores various evaluations, and ideas to understanding barriers for transitions as well as community resources and alternate resources for care levels such as Assisted Living available to transition safely. Click here for more details.