NYSHFA/NYSCAL Submits Response to Proposed On-Call/Call-in Regulations

Lauren Pollow in Legislative

On Monday NYSHFA/NYSCAL submitted a formal response to the New York State Division of Labor (NYSDOL) as well as the Joint Senate Standing Committee on Commerce, Economic Development, and Small Business to discuss the impact of the proposed regulation regarding employee on-call/call-in scheduling. This proposed regulation can be reviewed in the November 22, 2017 issue of the New York State Register and creates new triggers for on-call/call-in pay for employees working shifts that are not scheduled fourteen (14) days or more in advance. NYSHFA/NYSCAL is strongly opposed to this proposal due to the cost implications and administrative burden it will place on providers. We have asked the Senate to exempt long-term care providers from the proposed call-in/on-call regulations and have been in discussions with the Governor’s office regarding the scheduling realities facing long-term care providers to address health and safety of residents. NYSHFA/NYSCAL’s response can be viewed here.


Lauren Pollow
Director, Government Affairs
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