DOH: NHQI 2017 Preliminary Results/2018 Preview Program

Nancy Leveille in Clinical & Quality

NYSHFA staff attended the Nursing Home Quality Initiative (NHQI) meeting on Tuesday. DOH presented the draft preliminary results for the 2017 program and initial plans for the 2018 program. They are waiting for the 2017 Cost Report data to evaluate the staffing measure. Once that is reviewed and analyzed, DOH will finalize the 2017 outcomes and post for all SNF to view. 

A couple key factors in 2017:

  • All but 2 Quality Measures improved over last year’s results statewide.
  • The two measures that slightly dropped were the resident who received pneumococcal vaccination by 2%; and long stay residents who lose control of their bladder by .2%.
  • 93 SNF improved on one or more QM by at least a quintile and gained an extra scoring point. That number May improve once the final results are in.

DOH was happy to see the overall continued improvement statewide.

Measures that are still being studied relate to Section S:

  • They are still under study and they are not projected to be officially added to the NHQI next year.
  • The Dental Care section has some data outcomes that may not be answered properly on Section S for Dental Care. DOH will send out the SNF individual results to each SNF to evaluate and were encouraged to provide clearer directions for this section. SNF are required to provide an initial dental assessment on each resident unless they choose to keep with their own dentist in the community (most of these residents are the subacute population). But our long-term care residents should be having a dental assessment on admission and annually.
  • NYSHFA encourages all members to evaluate this section on the MDS as the data is showing results in the 50% level for the long-term care residents. We think the clarification document may not be reflective of what DOH is really trying to assess.

2018 program highlights:

  • DOH is trying to keep the system the same for 2018. They are trying to add in the Payroll Based Journal Data as soon as CMS has confirmed they are ready for use.
  • NYSHFA addressed the change to the survey system with the new CMS Requirements of Participation and the change to the 5 Star Process related to survey outcomes. DOH was unaware of these changes, but were happy to receive the information and will reassess their options for this part of the program. The clinical and compliance measures are not scheduled to change.
  • Customer Satisfaction was also discussed. DOH is still assessing how to incorporate a measure. They are being connected to national work being conducted with a small team. Dr. D. Gifford, Executive VP for Quality at AHCA is a key leader on that team. Therefore, NYSHFA has been tracking AHCA’s activities and will share more information as it becomes available.

We encourage all members to review the full preliminary information. We will continue to work with DOH in the final version. We also restated our desire for a special fund used to pay out this program. The payment is still on hold due to the current litigation. For more information, please contact Nancy Leveille. 


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Executive Director
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