AHCA/NCAL: Take Action - Medicaid Cuts are Back and Worse Than Ever

Lauren Pollow and Stephen B. Hanse in Legislative

Long term care funding is still at risk! The Senate is debating the "Cassidy Graham" repeal and replace plan and it's worse for long term care than any previous option. The bill contains devastating cuts to Medicaid and represents a very real threat to the future of our profession.

We need you to take immediate action and contact your Members of Congress to tell them to oppose Cassidy Graham.

This is the Senate's last shot. They are expected to vote as early as next week.

The specifics are jarring. The bill block grants Medicaid, slashes provider taxes to 4%, and doesn't protect funding for vulnerable Americans against state budget problems. This bill hurts the people who need care the most.

Please, use the "Take Action" button to tell Members of Congress to preserve Medicaid funding for those who need it most.

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Director, Government Affairs
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President & CEO
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