Audio Conference - Emerging Hot Issues in Managed Care and Withdrawal of Equity

On September 12th NYSHFA/NYSCAL will host an audio conference entitled "Emerging Hot Issues in Managed Care and Withdrawal of Equity".  

Withdrawal of Equity.  The Department of Health has  announced it intends to step up enforcement of the law and regulations prohibiting nursing home operators from withdrawing equity from their facilities under certain circumstances. Penalties for non-compliance can be severe, and serious questions exist about whether payment of taxes and salary constitute withdrawals and how the withdrawal of equity  law intersects with Governor Cuomo’s Executive Order #38 prohibiting excessive compensation. This session presented by attorney Neil Murray should be of great interest to owners, chief financial officers, and administrators as it will address those questions and provide guidance on how to navigate the complex regulatory landscape.     
Part II — This session will provide the audience with the most up to date information on major policy developments (managed care, DSRIP, VBP, reforms to assisted living) that are impacting long term care organizations.   The discussion of legal, operational, market and policy implications will assist the participant to identify strategies to manage in this changing environment.  The challenges of new referral patterns, clinical relationships and quality measurement due to the delivery system shift to managed care, VBP, and DSRIP represent opportunities and threats that will be shared with the participants so they may better navigate this evolving system. 


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