ACA Repeal and Replace Update

Lauren Pollow in Legislative

AHCA will continue to provide updates on the Senate's effort to draft the ACA Repeal and Replace legislation. The newest proposal was released yesterday containing similarities with a few key amendments. The revised bill still ends the requirement that most Americans must have health care coverage, while making deep cuts to Medicaid and capping payments to the states.  

AHCA sent an update on the recent change and next steps for a potential vote on the bill as outlined below:

The U.S. Senate today released a revised version of its health care bill to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. Unfortunately, no changes we asked for related to Medicaid were incorporated. We are very disappointed that the updated legislation continues to take significant funding away from those whom Medicaid is designed to protect.

Next Steps and Timing

We expect things to move quickly from here. The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) will release a score as early as this Monday, July 17. The bill will then be brought to the Senate floor possibly on Tuesday, and a vote will follow. Even if Senate leadership does not have enough support to pass the bill, we are confident that a vote will take place in order to bring closure to the issue by the end of next week.

What You Can Do

We need your help now more than ever. The Affordable Care Act repeal and replace effort is the biggest threat we have faced to Medicaid in the history of our sector. The 100,000-plus contacts we have made thus far have made a difference, and we cannot let up. It is vital that we keep fighting and making sure our voice is heard in order to protect the millions of patients and residents we serve.

Here are a few resources to assist in your efforts.

  • Call every Senate and House Republican that you have any connection to and tell them to vote NO. You can register for our online grassroots Care Advocacy resource to easily locate and contact them.  
  • It's important to call House Republican members, as well. If the Senate does pass a bill, it will then come back to the House for a vote. The House members need to know that the Senate bill is much worse for us than the House version of repeal and replace.
  • Use the state-specific talking points developed by AHCA/NCAL to explain the devastating impacts this legislation would have. 
  • If your Senator has announced they are against the bill, please send them an email to thank them. 

It is important that we contact every Senate and House Republican in every state . They need to understand the real, devastating impact that these deep Medicaid cuts will have on long term care and the millions who depend on it.

Please continue to make the push. We can win this together.


Mark Parkinson
President and CEO


Lauren Pollow
Director, Government Affairs
518-462-4800 x25