CHRC Update and HCS Communications Directory Issues with CHRC Role

The Department also indicated they are aware of a problem with removing staff that were previously assigned to CHRC roles from the HCS Communications Directory after they leave or are reassigned. Some Providers have reported even though they are removing the person following the procedure on their end, the person is still showing up in an assigned role in the Communications Directory.  DOH is aware that there is a technical glitch on their end, and it should be resolved by the IT department in the next couple of months after updates to the system.  In the meantime, if providers identify this problem or a surveyor raises the issue during survey, notify DOH using the CHRC email box at and they will respond with an acknowledgement that the provider can give to a DOH surveyor and you should keep on file if there are problems when trying to update the Communications Directory as the system requires the HCS Coordinator to do every three months.