DOH Advanced Training Initiative (ATI) Update

Nancy Leveille and Lisa Volk in Clinical & Quality

NYSHFA staff met with DOH last week to discuss outcome measures for year one and progress for year two applications.

Year One:  DOH is developing a preliminary summary report on the ATI Year One program. This report will include information on the program design and outcome measures we are discussing which will demonstrate results. NYSHFA is working with the team to make this a simple process. We discussed potentially using overall hospitalization rate changes from 2015-2016, staff retention rates from the same time period, and then surveying SNF who were awarded monies to report on their training initiatives related to their specific application. NYSHFA encourages members to review your Year One application and work you have achieved to fulfill your training plan. This data will help you prepare for an electronic survey from DOH that will come out in early December. DOH is aware training for year one may not be complete until March 31,2017, but wants to get as much data as possible for the preliminary summary report. This report should support continuing the ATI Year Two program. NYSHFA will work with DOH and the team for the final questions and measures and will alert members when decisions are final.

Year Two Progress:  DOH noted that they are on schedule to proceed with the program. 238 qualified SNF were announced and 230 qualified SNF sent in applications to participate in the program. The applications are being processed now and DOH expects to have the reviews completed by November 30, 2016. Once complete, they will send the report to DOB in early December for payment approval. They are planning a one payment method for year two which they hope to have out by December 31, 2016.


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