CMS’ S&C 17-09-ALL - Infection Control Pilot: 2017 Update

Nancy Leveille and Lisa Volk in Clinical & Quality

CMS plans to survey 40 hospitals and associated SNF in their 2nd year of this Infection Control project. SNF will be selected by hospital discharge data to identify the corresponding SNF. See information below on the CMS’ S&C letter for full information.

In memorandum S&C: 17-09-ALL (dated Nov. 18, 2016), CMS provides an update on year two of its three-year Infection Control Pilot, which is intended to assess the continuum of infection prevention efforts for, and between, hospitals and nursing homes. All surveys during the pilot will be educational surveys; no citations will be issued. Although, if an Immediate Jeopardy citation is noted, a referral to the CMS Regional Office will be made.

These surveys will be conducted by a national contractor using draft Infection Control Worksheets. The draft Long Term Care Infection Control Worksheet reflects the new long term care requirements for infection prevention and control and will be used to inform policy for compliance with the infection prevention and control requirements.

In the second year of the pilot, 40 hospital surveys will be paired with surveys of long term care facilities to provide an opportunity to assess infection prevention during transitions of care. In addition, CMS will pilot technical assistance opportunities for facilities to improve their infection control programs.

Click here for more information and to review the draft Infection Control worksheets. For questions, contact Dr. Daniel Schwartz


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