PBJ - New York State Registration Percentages to Date

Lisa Volk in Clinical & Quality

This morning we received notification from CMS that 79% of NYS facilities have registered in the PBJ system. Thank you to all that have registered. The remaining 21% must register as soon as possible and begin submitting the required data in order to be in compliance. Penalties will likely be forth coming to nursing centers who have not shown a good faith effort to comply with this Requirement of Participation (ROP). The deadline is November 14, 2016 for nursing centers to submit July - September 2016 data. See attached link to register - https://www.qtso.com/cmsnet.html. Once in the link, go to PBJ Access Information (Nursing Home Facilities) for further details.


Lisa Volk, RN, B.P.S., LNHA
Director, Clinical & Quality Services
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