Nursing Homes Clean Energy Initiative Reminder

in Finance & Reimbursement

A reminder to complete the energy data release authorization form as soon as possible. Please see further information below:

We still need your help in the form of access to your energy usage information. Helping is easy and is no cost to the facility! Please sign the attached data release form which will allow the DOH/NYSERDA team and its contractors to get your monthly data directly from your utilities and allow an in-depth analysis.


  • Building on New York State’s goals to lower energy use and greenhouse gas emissions and address rising costs of health care, NYSERDA, DOH, and homes associations are identifying the potential for energy savings in our 600+ nursing homes through a cost-effective approach. 
  • The Clean Energy program will turn potential savings into real, verified results. By comparing and analyzing energy use and building data across all nursing homes, every individual home will get a “good practice” energy target and, as a result, know how much can be saved.

Why would individual nursing homes participate? 

  • See how your facility compares with others through anonymous format.
  • Realistic estimate of your savings potential and areas where the savings are to be found.
  • Provide feedback to address challenges in getting energy efficiency improvements implemented.
  • Gain access to resources available to help upgrade your building and achieve and sustain savings.


Carl J. Pucci
Director, Finance & Reimbursement
518-462-4800 x36