Emergency Preparedness: HEC Guidance for Coastal Storm Planning for the MARO Region 2016

Lisa Volk and Karen Morris in Clinical & Quality

NYSDOH sent out the following memo recently related to Coastal Storm Planning for the MARO region. The memo includes a link to the guidance document. Please review with your emergency preparedness staff and download the guidance for your reference. It is also suggested that you take this opportunity to update the planning information contained in the Facility Profile application on the Health Commerce System.

“As part of its yearly preparation for the coastal storm season, New York State Department of Health Office of Health Emergency Preparedness (NYSDOH OHEP) is pleased to provide you with the updated and revised 2016 HealthCare Evacuation Center (HEC) Health Care Facility Guidance document. This revised guidance highlights key areas of coastal storm planning important to health care facilities including; HEC procedures and time lines, types of information needed for evacuation, requesting temporary suspension of regulations (waivers) and transportation assistance levels (TALS). The guidance also contains a Question and Answer section that addresses many common issues faced by health care facilities.

NYSDOH will also be conducting webinar sessions in late July early August (specific dates to be announced) to review the document and provide facilities an opportunity to directly ask engage in direct dialogue on their coastal storm planning questions.”


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