Minimum Wage Workgroup Meeting

Esq. Stephen B. Hanse in Finance & Reimbursement

On Tuesday, June 7th, the Department of Health conducted the first of four planned minimum wage workgroup meetings with provider associations representing nursing homes, ALPS, hospitals and home care providers. As previously reported, the State is committed to funding the non-compression labor costs of increasing the minimum wage for nursing homes, ALPS and other Medicaid providers. The purpose of this meeting was to review certain baseline assumptions, set a workgroup timeline and set forth the policy issues that need to be addressed over the summer, including the following:

  • How will rates be adjusted for contracted staff;
  • How should staff working in different geographic regions and subject to different minimum wage levels be incorporated into rates;
  • How is transparency ensured so that funds added to the rates are utilized for the increase in the minimum wage; and
  • What efforts are needed to ensure that Medicare rates will be adjusted for minimum wage

NYSHFA/NYSCAL will continue to provide updates as this issue progresses.


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