National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel Update

Karen Morris in Clinical & Quality

The National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel (NPUAP), a group of national and international experts on pressure ulcers and wounds, has issued updates related to its recent revision of pressure ulcer definitions and staging as determined during their recent consensus conference. These changes reflects a change and additions to terminology only, not a change in the actual staging of pressure ulcers. The attached documents review these changes in terminology which are designed to more accurately describe pressure ulcers and their etiology. The second document is an FAQ which also addresses the issues of how these changes will affect the MDS:

How soon will the Federal documents, MDS, OASIS, Acute Rehab IRF –PAI reporting regulations for skin conditions, change to the new staging terms? The NPUAP is responsible for using science to make needed changes combined with consensus to clarify or amplify the wording. The NPUAP has shared the changes with CMS and looks forward to working with them on an implementation plan. All the changes are aimed at improving assessment and documentation precision.” Therefore, there are no changes currently to the MDS with relation to these revisions. It is anticipated that at some point the MDS will be revised by CMS to reflect this change in professional practice.


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