Ensuring Medicare Home Health Eligibility: Shared Responsibility--June 2 Webinar

Nancy Leveille in Clinical & Quality

HANYS has assisted in getting this free webinar established and asked us to share this information with you.

CMS is implementing auditing and reimbursement recoupments/payment denials all along that healthcare chain if a patient’s Medicare eligibility and medical necessity for home care is not adequately addressed by both parties as a shared responsibility demonstrating evidence of the close collaboration and cooperation.

Discharges to home care are tenuous transitions from a regulatory standpoint and require close collaboration and cooperation between referring entities (hospitals, SNH, ordering practitioner) and home care agency. HANYS worked with those named in the brochure to engage NGS in presenting a webinar that focuses on the shared responsibilities for all provider audiences.

NYSHFA thinks this may be a valuable webinar to participate in. See attached information for registration.


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