OMIG Corporate Compliance Program Implementation Review

Carl Pucci and Nancy Leveille in Finance & Reimbursement

NYSHFA has been alerted of OMIG Corporate Compliance Program Implementation Review which require significant document preparation (see attached sample OMIG letter and On-Site Review – Materials Request.)  This particular review is expected to be conducted over a 2 – 5 day onsite visit.  These reviews may be modified to the specifics of each SNF

NYSHFA encourages all members to review these documents and assess the status of your corporate compliance program.

OMIG and AHCA have a wealth of resources related to corporate compliance programs.  Please go to and and search on compliance.


Carl J. Pucci
Director, Finance & Reimbursement
518-462-4800 x36

Nancy Leveille, RN, MS
Sr. Director, Member Operational Support
518-462-4800 x20