E-Prescribing: NYSHFA/NYSCAL Meeting with Legislators

Nancy Leveille and Shelley Sabo Esq Stephen Hanse in Legislative, Clinical & Quality

Stephen Hanse, Nancy Leveille and Shelley Sabo met with Assemblyman Gottfried and Senator Hannon on Monday, February 1, 2016 to update them on E-Prescribing implementation issues related directly to patient safety in SNF, Licensed Adult Home and Assisted Living Facilities. We asked for their support to amend the E-Prescribing law to allow the nurse to continue to act as the “Agent of the Physician.”  Both Assemblyman Gottfried and Senator Hannon clearly understood our concerns and were willing to work with us on this effort.  We provided them with draft language on the ”Nurse as the Agent” to allow nurses the ability to take verbal/telephone physician orders for non- controlled substances from the prescriber and allow the pharmacy to act on those orders without a delay in the E-Prescribing law.  The prescriber will still need to co-sign the order within 48 hours.  We also asked for an institutional waiver process for Licensed Adult Homes and Assisted Living Facilities due to the many complexities in coordinating this practice in this setting.  Representatives from The New York Medical Director Association, the Medical Society of NYS, the NYS Chapter of the American Society of Pharmacy Consultants and LeadingAge New York joined us in these efforts. NYSHFA/NYSCAL will have more information forthcoming in the next couple weeks.  Stay tuned.


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