Deadline Extended for 2016 Innovative Practice Award Program

Karen Morris in Clinical & Quality

The deadline for submissions for the 2016 Innovative Practice Award Program has been extended to December 31, 2015.

The Clinical and Quality Services Committee, in recognition of the importance of innovation in improving the quality of long term care services, invites our members to submit nominations for the 2016 NYSHFA/NYSCAL Innovative Practice Awards.  Up to five awards will be presented.  Suggested areas for consideration are:  1) Behavioral Care Planning and Activities Programming, 2) Wound Care, 3) Preventing Unnecessary Hospitalizations, 4) Infection Control, 5) Changing to a Culture of Person-Centered Care, and 6) Staffing/Recruitment/Retention. Facility representatives from each award category will be honored at the NYSHFA/NYSCAL Annual Convention in June 2016.  Honorees will present their innovative practices to the membership during an educational session at the convention.

Program Criteria and Submission Information:

Nominations must meet the following criteria:

  • The innovative practice has already been implemented.
  • The innovative practice positively impacts the resident's health, safety, and/or quality of life, either directly or indirectly.
  • The results of the innovative practice are quantifiable.
  • The innovative practice can be replicated in other facilities.

Attached are the 2016 Innovative Practice Awards Brochure and Nomination Form and the Guidelines to Submitting Applications. Realizing the time constraints everyone has, we have attempted to make the submission process as easy as possible. We have also included a suggested timeline you may find useful in preparing your application.  Part one of the submission form contains your facility's identifying information. It will be separated from Part Two, the description of the innovative practice, before the committee reviews it. Nominations will be reviewed using a "blind" process; therefore, do not include any identifying information when completing Part Two of the submission.

If you have any questions, contact Karen Morris at NYSHFA/NYSCAL.

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