AHCA / NCAL to Discontinue Generic Log-in & Password Web Access

Rick Patterson

For years, AHCA/NCAL has provided generic web credentials (login and password) for the State Affiliates to distribute to their members in order to log into the ahcancal.org web site and access member-only content. As AHCA/NCAL has continued to add on-line resources for members, they have worked hard to make the log in process as seamless as possible for members by making each web site rely on a single set of credentials. These web sites include ahcancal.org, webportal.ahca.org, the Long Term Care Trend Tracker application, the new ahcancalEd site, and connect.ahcancal.org.

However, many of these new sites rely on unique log in credentials for each individual in order to present appropriate content to the user. The use of generic credentials not only prohibits this functionality, but it causes some technical issues within each AHCA/NCAL online system.  AHCA/NCAL has always had the ability for members to have a unique set of credentials.  This was especially necessary to allow users to register for meetings or apply for a Quality Award on the webportal.ahca.org site.

Therefore, to better meet the needs of member providers, AHCA/NCAL will be discontinuing the distribution and use of the generic, state affiliate log in credentials and requiring that all users have their own unique login. Any member has the ability to either look up his or her login information in the AHCA/NCAL system, or create a set of credentials if they do not already exist. 

NYSHFA / NYSCAL encourages all our members to download and follow the attached instructions to create a set of personal credentials.

The last day that the generic credentials will be valid is December 30, 2015.

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