DOH Re-posts Universal Settlement Excluded Rates Appeals

Esq. Stephen B. Hanse and Carl J. Pucci in Finance & Reimbursement

The Department of Health has re-posted the Universal Settlement excluded rate appeals to the HCS.  The original information, which was posted several weeks ago, contained several systemic technical errors.

Facilities have until Monday, August 31, 2015 to submit supplementary materials to DOH if they disagree with any of the rejected exclusions.  Please see the attached DAL for further information.

To access the Universal Settlement documents:

  1. Log into the HCS at
  2. Under the MY APPLICATIONS heading, find “NH Rate Sheets 4/2009-Forward”
  3. Select your facility
  4. Select Universal Settlement Exclusion Notice

The DAL and all rate sheets are available from this link.


Stephen B. Hanse
Vice President & Counsel, Governmental Affairs
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Carl J. Pucci
Director, Finance & Reimbursement
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