CMS S&C Letters #15-47 Medication-Related Adverse Events in NHs and #14-42 (Revised) LGBT Training Tool

Karen Morris and Nancy Leveille in Clinical & Quality

CMS issued two S&C letters late last week. The first, contains S&C #15-47.01, announcement that CMS has developed and begun pilot testing a Focused Survey on Medication Safety Systems around high risk medications such as Coumadin. The objective of the focus survey is to identify preventable adverse drug events, determine if facilities identify the risk of adverse events, and assess the effectiveness of the facility’s system to identify and prevent adverse events.  S&C #15-47.02 is the Adverse Drug Event Trigger Tool CMS has drafted to assist surveyors in assessing facility compliance around high risk medication issues. While the tool is not mandatory, CMS is making it available to surveyors to assess compliance and to providers to use as a risk management tool.  The tool addresses several different classifications of drugs, including psychotropics, anticoagulants, hypoglycemics, opioids, electrolytes and drug toxicity related to several commonly used drugs including acetaminophen, digoxin, antibiotics etc.  We strongly urge you to review this tool with your physicians, nurses and pharmacists to assess your current medication safety practices.

The second, #14-42, is a revised issue of a previously released memo related to building respect for LBGT clients. This revision to the original letter includes the Training Tool website link.


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