Upload Turnover and Retention Data into LTC Trend Tracker Today

Nancy Leveille and Karen Morris in Clinical & Quality

NYSHFA encourages its members to utilize Trend Tracker and start measuring your Retention Data and Staff turnover. At NYSHFA’s convention in June, we identified how retention and turnover are becoming a priority at the state and national level to determine some of the value based purchasing. Get ahead of the game and know where your SNF rates compare to others in your region and across the state.

AHCA suggests that you talk to your HR team to upload Turnover and Retention data into LTC Trend TrackerSM .AHCA has simplified this process from last year in response to the membership requests. This new upload function replaces the annual AHCA/NCAL staffing surveys and accepts data for both assisted living communities and skilled nursing centers. Once the data is uploaded, you will have instant feedback on turnover and retention rates, allowing you to benchmark against your peers. 

Utilizing the new Turnover and Retention Upload tool, along with the report, is a great way for AHCA/NCAL members to keep track of progress towards the staffing stability goal of the AHCA/NCAL Quality Initiative, and to prepare for mandatory SNF staffing reporting next year.

Accessing LTC Trend Tracker:

If you are not sure if your organization uses LTC Trend Tracker? Please email help@ltctrendtracker.com and request the name of your account administrator. Members can reach LTC Trend Tracker staff through this email with any other questions as well. To register to use LTC Trend Tracker, go to www.ltctrendtracker.com and click on the “Register” button. Also, don’t forget to log on to www.ltctrendtracker.com for other important information.

Help Documents:

AHCA/NCAL developed the following help documents to assist in uploading these data:

For additional help guides, please visit our Resource Center.


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