Hospital to Nursing Home Decompression Project

Karen Morris in Clinical & Quality

Earlier this spring, DOH presented a webinar reviewing the Hospital to Nursing Home Decompression project (formerly known as Surge) which is currently underway (see attached PPT slides.)  The decompression project is being funded through a DOH Emergency Preparedness grant with all three statewide nursing facility associations participating.  The first phase of the project consisted of regional meetings with hospitals, nursing homes, regional and county EMOs, and state and local health department staff in two regions of state, Capital District and the Lower Hudson Valley.  The groups were convened to review the planning assumptions, standard content areas to be used to develop guidance documents and to brainstorm the benefits and barriers associated with the project.  The information derived from these sessions was reviewed and analyzed and became the basis for the next phase of the project.  Currently, the team has identified the need to update the information from the Critical Asset Survey and has sent a survey out to the regions identified for inclusion in the project in this phase:  Capital Region, Lower Hudson Region and Long Island.  The information obtained from this survey will assist in identifying facilities who meet the criteria as a decompression site and who volunteer to be part of the project.  The Yale-New Haven Center has been subcontracted to develop the tools which will serve as a guide for implementation of the program.  Yale-New Haven will also conduct training sessions for the nursing homes and hospitals who are part of the project.  The state associations have been actively involved in the development of the tools for implementation and the curriculum for the training sessions.  The next phase of the project (2016-17) will include the Central and Western regions of the state.  The attached power point presentation has also been posted to the Emergency Preparedness page of the NYSHFA website (look for the logo “Aware Prepare”) under Staff Education and Training.


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