DOH will conduct MDS surveys June – September 2015

Nancy Leveille and Karen Morris in Clinical & Quality

DOH surveyors were being trained in May to complete the MDS focus surveys. MDS focus surveys will be conducted in all regions of the state between June and September, however, DOH would not share with us how many surveys will be done statewide, per direction of CMS. See attached member mailing NYSHFA sent out on April 2, 2015 that has a tip sheet and entrance document.

In addition, AHCA is reporting that:

  • CMS is now referring to these surveys as “MDS 3.0 Staffing Focused survey” or “MDS 3.0 Focus Staffing survey”
  • A major focus of the survey is compliance with  F356 – §483.30(e) – Nurse staffing information
  • Noncompliance results in automatic CMPs and if CMP meets the threshold, loss of Nurse Aide Training Program
  • CMS is identifying the centers to receive this survey
  • CMS is adamant that no information about training, surveyor focus, etc., may be shared with either individual centers or with associations
  • Some state affiliates have heard that CMS has indicated the SSA will receive no additional funds for completing these focused surveys

NYSHFA will update members as more information is available.


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