NYSHFA's Pucci and Stephenson Join District 4 at Their Quarterly Meeting

Deanna Stephenson and Carl J. Pucci in Membership

On Thursday, May 28, NYSHFA / NYSCAL's District 4 held their quarterly meeting in Newburgh, NY. Carl Pucci, NYSFHA / NYSCAL's Director of Finance and Reimbursement was joined by Deanna Stephenson, Director of Managed Programs. Carl gave a State and Federal rate update and Deanna followed with the latest on the transition of Nursing Home facilities to the managed care environment. She received questions after an interactive dialogue with both clinicians and administrators. Deanna is available for further discussions or inquiries regarding the transition and can be reached at (518) 462-4800, ext 16 or dstephenson@nysfa.org. For finance or reimbursement inquiries, Carl can be reached at (518) 462-4800, ext. 36 or cpucci@nyshfa.org.