Audio Conference Announcement: Quality Measures How MDS Coding Affects Your QM's & 5 Star Rating

Scott Jackson CMP in Education

Join us on June 3, 2015 for "Quality Measures:  How MDS Coding Affects Your QM's & 5 Star Rating" audio conference from 10:00 am - 12:00 pm presented by Jan White, Post Acute Consulting.

Do you wonder how MDS coding affects your QMs?  Are you aware of which QMs affect your CMS 5 Star rating?  Join us for this informative session as we make it easy.  We will give you the strategies and tools to make positive changes in your facility.

Learning Objectives

  • Overall understanding of the Quality Measures—Antipsychotic
  • Understand how Quality Measures impact your 5 Star rating
  • Review the Quality Measures that are triggered for Short Stay and Long Stay residents, including antipsychotics
  • Discuss the impact of MDS 3.0 coding on Quality Measures
  • Review the importance of documentation to support MDS 3.0 coding of items that impact the Quality Measures
  • Strategically analyze your systems for best practices to minimize triggering of select Quality Measures

Brochure and Online Registration

2.0 CEUs for LNHAs, ALAs

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