MDS Focus Surveys

Nancy Leveille and Karen Morris in Clinical & Quality

Per a recent AHCA memo, “In early April, CMS will begin training surveyors in order to expand the MDS-Focused Survey.  Attached is a tip sheet for providers that was developed by a joint workgroup of the Survey/Regulatory and Clinical Practice Committees.  Also attached is an entrance document that a "test center" was given prior to an MDS-focused survey in early March.”  We have also attached the February 13, 2015  S&C letter #15-25 for your review. Per our most recent meeting with DOH on March 5th, we were told DOH has been informed by CMS that they are to conduct MDS surveys and that they will receive training from CMS. The MDS survey is independent of the standard survey and takes up to 2 days to conduct. DOH surveyors will need to be trained specifically on the process before they can implement these surveys. We do not know how many facilities will be receiving an MDS survey in this first go round. DOH will keep us apprised of any further information.

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