Audio Conference Announcement: Dealing with Dementia with a QAPI Approach

Scott Jackson CMP in Education

Join us on May 6, 2015 for "Dealing with Dementia with a QAPI Approach" audio conference from 10:00 am - 12:00 pm presented by Lydia Restivo, West & Restivo Quality Consulting, LLC.

The care of our residents with Dementia is a team approach. It starts with a basic understanding of behaviors associated with Dementia. To successfully decrease the use of antipsychotics in this population, there must be a Dementia Care Program that is embraced by all team members and staff.  Does your Dementia Care Program effectively assess and provide individual programming for your dementia Resident? Is your staff ready to be on the “Successful Dementia Care Program” list or cited for deficient practice! Will your Quality Measure put you in line for an automatic review of psych med usage and effect your Five Star rating?  WRC has developed this Dementia Care Program to assist Administrators, Directors of Nursing, Social Service and Therapeutic Recreation gain insight and supply the tools needed to develop a QAPI Program, which will assist the team members in proper assessment, care plan development and help and provide appropriate treatment of the Dementia Resident.

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2.0 CEU for LNHAs & ALAs

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