Notes from AHCA Stakeholder Call with CMS Division of Nursing Homes

Nancy Leveille and Karen Morris in Clinical & Quality

On Monday, March 2, AHCA had a stakeholder call with CMS Division of Nursing Homes.  Here is a summary of what we learned:

Status of QIS Survey:  CMS is looking at the possibility of developing a combined QIS/Standard Survey.  They are in process of early, internal discussions.  They would like to determine the advantages of each type of survey and emphasize these is a new format.  This would NOT be rolled out nationally in 2015.  CMS plans to share more information with AHCA in the next 4 – 6 weeks.  Note:  There is no specific relationship to this change and the IMPACT Act.

Federal Life Safety Look Behind Surveys:  There have been no changes to the approach CMS is taking with look behind Life Safety Surveys.  Specifically, they have not increased the number of federal surveys.

Dementia Focus Surveys:  By the end of this week, CMS hopes to provide us a summary of “findings” from the 2014 Dementia-Focus Survey.  CMS is contacting individual states (this was not a broad brush approach) to investigate their interest in conducting additional Dementia-Focus Surveys and Texas will be conducting such surveys.  CMS will advise us when/if other states come on board.

Abuse/Neglect S&C Memo:  Several years ago, CMS asked AHCA and other stakeholders for input on a draft S&C memo that clarified various issues related to abuse and neglect in nursing centers.  AHCA was extremely concerned with numerous statements made in the memo.  We understand CMS Office of General Counsel also had multiple changes to recommend.  A “new and modified” draft emo will be circulated to stakeholders (including advocacy groups) for comments within the next two – three weeks.

CMS Suggestion:  CMS staff suggested AHCA and LeadingAge reach out to consumer advocacy groups about how we could jointly develop/promote family education related to dementia care.  AHCA and LeadingAge staff will discuss and develop a plan for moving forward on this effort.


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