TALs Training Materials Available on HCS

Karen Morris in Clinical & Quality

The NYSDOH Office of Health Emergency Preparedness has posted to the HCS the Transportation Assistance Level (TALs) training materials used during the training webinar sessions conducted in early January 2015.

The TAL classification system was developed by the NYSDOH Office of Health Emergency Preparedness for use by acute and non-acute health care professionals to uniformly assess the types of transportation resources needed in the event of a planned evacuation due to an emergency situation. The posted documents consist of:

  • TALs Guidance Document
  • TALs slides
  • TALs Patient/Resident Critical Information Tracking Form
  • TALs icons for labels

Per the attached DAL dated July 2014, “though all healthcare facilities are expected to use TALs to categorize patients/residents, use of the icons is not required and each facility shall operationalize use of the icons during an exercise or planned evacuation as deemed feasible.”

To access the Transportation Assistance Levels (TALs) documents, sign on to the NYSDOH Health Commerce System (HCS) and go to:

  1. My Content (top of page on right)
  2. Documents by Group
  3. Chose group (e.g. Health Care (ACFs), Hospitals, Long Term Care)
  4. Preparedness  
  5. Resources
  6. Transportation Assistance Levels (TALs) at top of page

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