Second Notice – DOH Webinar this Week – Transportation Assistance Levels (TALs)

Karen Morris in Clinical & Quality

The NYSDOH Office of Emergency Preparedness will conduct a training webinar on the  Transportation Assistance Levels (TALs) this week on Jan 6th and 7th.   The webinar will be available four different times to provide facility staff with a range of options to accommodate work schedules. One webinar will be archived on the Learning Management System (LMS). The attached Training announcement includes dates and times for the webinar. Also note that the TALs Guidance Document is included on pages 4-5 of the Training Announcement.

The TAL classification system was developed by the NYSDOH Office of Health Emergency Preparedness for use by acute and non-acute health care professionals to uniformly assess the types of transportation resources needed in the event of a planned evacuation due to an emergency situation.

Karen Morris

Director, Clinical & Quality Services
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